Grocery chain saves energy without compromising lux levels… or its no-nonsense image

German grocery chain Lidl has fitted pre-wired lighting trunking at its Braintree store – the first of 50 stores in the UK that will be equipped with the system. The equipment is from Ridi Lighting, and has already been pressed into service in lighting upgrades at most of Lidl’s 1,500 stores in France, Switzerland, Germany and Poland.

Ridi has attempted to combine whole-life efficiency savings and simple, effective lighting with Lidl’s basic, good value image. Mike Attard, the company’s UK managing director says: ‘There was no question of creating an elaborate network of attractive architectural luminaires and controls. We were tasked with developing a product that delivered optimum retail lighting combined with minimal installation and maintenance.’

The Linia trunking system incorporates electrical connectors, developed with Wago, that make the lighting quick to install and easy to reconfigure without tools. Illuminated signs, spotlights, emergency LEDs and emergency lighting circuits can be connected if necessary.

All the T8 battens at Braintree have been replaced with 54W T5 lamps, although Linia can accommodate either. Ridi designed a profiled mini-reflector – bespoke to Lidl’s Linia luminaires – that maximises light spread but stays true to Lidl’s minimalist image.

‘Wanting a non-intrusive lighting plan, Lidl required ceiling-mounted lighting runs rather than the existing suspended luminaires,’ says Attard, ‘and the reflector allows us to achieve a greater spread of light without sacrificing on watts per metre efficiency.’

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