Design is paramount

Abacus unveils design-led LED range

Abacus Lighting has unveiled a striking family of architectural, amenity and road LED lanterns and floodlights which it is dubbing ‘Power/Beauty’.

The design-led luminaires draw on Abacus’s 50 years of engineering heritage but the emphasis on energy-efficient technology and contemporary design.

Abacus’s principal lighting engineer, Kelvin Austin, said:  ‘This launch is the culmination of a great deal of research and investment by the whole team.  We’re confident these LEDs are set to deliver the very best performance with minimum environmental impact.’ The range includes the striking Continuum, an architectural lantern designed to complement urban landscapes such as pedestrian areas, parks, cycle paths and amenity locations. It’s also available in a solar-powered version.

The new recruit in the popular Orion range is the Orion 4 LED.  This LED luminaire reduces energy usage and maintenance costs whilst its tough polycarbonate bowl protects it from vandalism and the ravages of the weather.

Ideal for pathways or walkways, the simple but highly aesthetic ‘Linea’ and ‘Eclisse’ lanterns have also been designed to blend with any urban design schemes.

The Flex has the added capability of pivoting on its central core to provide angled light distribution if required.. Kelly Herrick, marketing manager at Abacus, said:  ‘The design is all about practical simplicity and modern styling which will look good now and into the future’.

LEDs allow Etap’s to create a striking downlight design

In a contrast to the trend for remote-phosphor ñ which are sometimes hard to tell from CFL downlights, Etap has created a distinctive design using individual lenses for each LED.

Flare is a family of round downlights and spots aimed at office, retail and public building applications.

A general disadvantage of LEDs is their high luminances (up to 33 million cd/m≤), but Etap addresses this in the Flare with a design that reduces glare. The Equilum lenses guarantee an optimal glare control, UGR of19 (see Tech Briefing, page 96) and the luminance is lower than 1000cd/m≤ above 65 degrees therefore Flare is also well suited to light office workplaces. The Equilum lenses reduce the luminance at direct viewing exposure to 50.000 cd/m≤ (this is comparable to a compact fluorescent lamp). The diameter of 200 or 250 mm and the low height of 70 mm allow integration in any kind of architecture and can be retrofitted to replace older compact fluorescent downlights.

Cooper’s LED high bay to take on HID

Cooper has unveiled an LED high-bay luminaire to replace traditional HID luminaires in applications such as warehouses and retail.

Utilising multi-die LED chip arrays, the new luminaire achieves a consumption of just 142W, resulting in energy savings of 65 per cent compared to a standard 400W metal-halide.

The LED has other benefits over HID: It’s instant white light with no restrike or run-up delay, and has a long service life. Its ability to operate at temperatures down to -30degC makes it ideal for use in cold stores.

Lexel LED SLM for retail

Philips announces the launch of its Lexel LED SLM tuneable white and RGB modules, enabling the creation of various atmospheres in retail environments with changing tones of white light and different colours from a single light source.

Osram’s flurry of gear

Osram boffins have had a busy month. The company has introduced a wave of innovative control gear. Martin Tomlinson reports