Lux Awards

The exciting new Lux Awards will celebrate architectural lighting schemes both in the UK and overseas as well as lighting technology including fittings, lamps and controllers.

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The EcoLight Awards will reward clients who have made exemplary reductions in energy. The full list of categories will be announced in February and published in the next issue of Lux. The prestigious presentation ceremony and awards dinner takes place at the Grand Hall at Chelsea Football Club on the evening of Wednesday 9 November.

The categories in full

Lux Awards

Lighting Design Practice of the Year
The consultancy that has exhibited the highest standard of innovation

Architectural Lighting Project of the Year
The most creative and innovative architectural lighting design

Client of the Year
The industry’s most outstanding end-user and one who embraces innovations in light

Exporter of the Year
The UK manufacturer who has achieved exceptional success in overseas markets

Lux Rising Star Award
The special award for recognising the emerging talent of an individual

Luminaire of the Year – Interior
The year’s most ground-breaking interiorlight fitting

Luminaire of the Year – Exterior
The year’s most ground-breakingexteriorlight fitting.

Controls and Light Source of the Year
The outstanding innovation in controls and lamps in terms of energy and light quality

EcoLight Awards (incorporating the LIF Emilas Awards)

Retrofit Project of the Year
The most outstanding low-energy retrofitted lighting installation of the year

Commercial Project of the Year
Covers low energy workplace refurbs in buildings such as offices, schools etc

Industrial Project of the Year
Covers low energy refurbs in industrial facilities such as warehouses, factories etc

Award for Urban Lighting
Covers low energy refurbs of street, amenity, sports and public realm lighting

Recycling Award
For recycling of lighting lamps, luminaires and equipment from refurb projects

Environmental Manufacturer of the Year
The lighting equipment maker who demonstrates best practice in environmental responsibility

Retailer of the Year
The retailer who has exhibited the greatest commitment to minimising lighting energy