UK’s most successful property company gets 60 per cent energy saving and two-year payback

LED downlights have been specified to illuminate the model room for Land Securities, the UK’s most successful property company.

The quality of lighting is crucial in the model room, where prospective clients examine the property currently available in London, with a rent value in excess of £50 million per annum.

The new model room uses a total of 31 Wila luminaires incorporating the Xicato LED module, which provides a 60 per cent energy saving when compared to the previous room. In addition to the energy savings, maintenance savings are afforded by the 50,000-hour life compared with halogen’s 4,000-hour life.

Fully adjustable

The upgrade ultimately translates to a two-year payback for the client. Flexibility is further provided by fully adjustable discrete luminaires where the reflector beam angles can be easily varied as models change in the future.

The new model room has moved location from 11 Strand to 5 Strand with a window backdrop of Nelson’s Column. Corporate colors were used on the main walls to provide contrast and a significant change was that nothing should protrude below the ceiling. A second requirement was for flexible lighting to enable changes in model sizes and positions. An overall requirement was that the lighting should use the very best of today’s technology with maximum ecological grounding matched by no compromise in light quality.

The Xicato Spot Modules are available in lumen outputs of 400, 700 or 1000lm, corresponding with 20, 35 and 50W low voltage halogen lamps, and with a range of correlated colour temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

Wila’s downlight incorporates the Xicato module

Using a separated and corrected cold phosphor, a high color rendering of CRI over 80, and a tight, maintained, color point of less than 2 SDCM, ensures no compromise in light quality. The modules are sealed with an aluminium case and glass lens, affording complete protection to LEDs and phosphor, allowing safe cleaning of reflectors. There is no UV or IR emitted.

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