Blue and green

…should never be seen, goes the old fashion adage. But the nation’s publicans, restaurateurs and hoteliers think it makes their venues look funky. It doesn’t


Billabong With its garish green glow and cheery Oz name, the Billabong chain’s unsubtle message is ‘come banter with happy-go- lucky Aussies’ but it’s actually just the same old faces playing the ‘Deal Or No Deal’ fruit machine.


Liberty Say it isn’t so. Not Liberty. Not the Liberty, purveyor of overpriced scarves to ladies of a certain age. William Morris will be spinning in his Arts and Crafts coffin.

Aimless bad lighting

Aimless bad lighting Why use lots of fiddly lights when two 7kW xenon searchlights in the basement will do? Also useful for spotting enemy aircraft formations.


Trafalgar How would you like to sip your green pint with your green mates? Thought not. This luminaire arrangement at the Trafalgar in Tooting, south London, is known in the trade as ‘the Colditz’

Crowne Plaza Cromwell Road

Crowne PlazaWhy pay lighting designers with their poncy talk of ‘sympathy for the street space’ when you can do something just as good yourself with SON packs and blue HID lamps? The Crowne Plaza on Cromwell Road sets out to give Mark Major sleepless nights.

La Porchetta

La PorchettaStop. Doing. This. Now. You make the best pizzas in Soho. Let people find you because of your reputation for dough- based meals and not the two sad green lights clamped grimly to your façade.

The lights are on but no one’s home

It’s London, the early hours of a Saturday morning, and it’s deserted. So why are all the lights burning brightly? A special Lux magazine ‘black ops’ team finds out who practises what they preach about energy

The hole truth about in-ground uplights

When in-ground uplighters go bad…they go very bad