WRTL pays tribute to Stubbs

Street and exterior lighting manufacturer Indal WRTL has paid tribute to its long-time managing director and co-founder Anthony Stubbs, who died before Christmas after a long battle with cancer.

In a statement, the company it mourned the death of Stubbs with ‘immense sadness’.

WRTL co-founder Anthony Stubbs

‘Anthony aspired to position the business at the forefront of the exterior lighting industry by foreseeing and setting trends. His aggressive business strategy saw the company develop into a market leader. ‘Anthony was a flamboyant character much loved and respected by colleagues and friends across the industry. Anthony will especially be remembered as both a formidable opponent and a faithful friend. His larger than life persona meant once met he was never forgotten.

‘Anthony’s passion and energy for the business was unrivalled. While his management style engendered huge respect from colleagues and partners he also brought fun to the workplace on a scale rarely seen taking particular pride in nurturing a strong family culture within Indal WRTL.

‘It is a testament to Anthony that many people will feel a deep personal loss at his passing and know that they have been lucky to encounter such an inspirational individual.

‘Anthony leaves Indal WRTL in the strongest position of its entire history, with 2010 established as another year of record-breaking growth. Staff and colleagues are determined to build upon the legacy left by Anthony and ensure his memory is honoured.’

Richard Schmit, European lighting director for Indal Group, will assume the position of interim managing directoruntil a permanent incumbent is recruited.

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