A lesson in bat behaviour

OK lighting types – let me tell you a little about chiropteric behaviour. First of all, contrary to popular opinion, we bats aren’t blind. So we won’t feed or roost if you put a bloody great luminaire on our patch. Secondly, if you disturb us, you’ll be had up under the Wildlife and Countryside Acts.

Bat-friendly lighting in Richmond

Bat-friendly lighting in Richmond

So bearing in mind the above, how do you illuminate a footpath that’s used by both people and bats? Well check out what Philips has done in Richmond in London, above. It has installed LED fittings that illuminate the pathway in front of a pedestrian, and turn off when he or she passes. Philips calls it a ‘moving carpet of light’.

It’s such a clever installation that Philips was rewarded with a visit from the pulchritudinous Spring Watch star Katie Humble, who came to film it for her show. Incentive enough for any man, I would have thought.

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