Don’t ridicule LED retailers

Dear Editor,

I find your article on Topshop in the November issue a little on the silly side – especially when such a cutting edge and bold LED lighting statement has been made. I cannot comment on behalf of Arcadia, but I do feel the lighting industry owes a little more respect to companies that push the boundaries against many odds.

Topshop is the first true retail brand to use LED display lighting in an epic fashion – and it deserves some credibility for its efforts, not ridicule. We as an industry we need to promote the use of new technologies not shame those who use them.

Could we please agree on one thing? Let’s all learn to walk before we start to run. We must push the energy conservation message before we start trying to turn lights on and off. Let’s face it, it will take years to move retailers into full LED lighting, let alone sophisticated controls.

At AVR we can control the LED, remotely move the lights using embedded motors and we can even track sunlight. But the costs associated with these are higher than most retailers are prepared to pay.

We all need to use common sense and in this case I sternly believe common sense did not prevail.

Murder on the high street? Honestly.

Yours faithfully,
Steve Watts
Abstract AVR

Cheaper energy is not the solution

Dear Editor,

In December Chris Huhne, the energy and climate change secretary, set out a number of proposals for providing ‘lower-carbon electricity at lower cost than under present policies’. No one in their right mind would argue for higher-carbon forms of energy, but is he right to focus on lowering the cost?

Vertical integration will scupper compatibility

Dear Sir,