How to make austerity lab equipment


To Fagerhult’s excellent Light studio in southwark, where Batwing is regaled with tales of future light sources by Dr Janos Veres, the chief technology officer of Polyphotonix.

Catching Batwing’s eye (we’re not blind, remember?) was Dr Veres’ homemade spectrometer. You can make this at home boys and girls: you’ll need a CD (I can recommend Bat out of Hell), a smallish cardboard box, two razor blades and sticky tape.

Austerity spectrometer

Get a grown-up to help - Dr Veres spectrometer

Cut a 3cm high by 1cm wide slit in one end, and then align the two razor blades to create a gap of 1mm. at the opposite end, mount the CD and in the adjacent side cut a 10cm viewing hole. hold at an angle that allows light from the source to be refracted by the CD.

It’s the incandescent lightbulb song

One of our readers, Ian Fursland from The Lamp Company, found this little beaut online

Shock jock vs ‘socialist’ lamp

This bat is willing to take on most challenges, but selling CFLs in the US could be a risk too far. While restrictions on the sale of incandescents in the UK brought grumbles from the usual sources complaining that fluorescents were the lighting equivalent of straight bananas, across the pond the move has drawn the unnerving attention of the shouty conservative right wing.