It’s not all about LEDs

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on the first issue of Lux magazine. While I applaud the emphasis on low-energy lighting and the focus on refurbishment and retrofit projects rather than new build, I would take issue with your heavy emphasis on LEDs and indeed OLEDs.

Your three main project features – Nomura Bank in London, International House in Ashford and Birmingham’s PFI in streetlight – were all either LED-only or heavily skewed towards LEDs. I am aware that some of the founders of Lux have a background in the LED industry so you may have an built-in bias. But it is worth restating: LEDs only account for about 10 per cent of the industry’s sales but to read magazines like yours you would imagine it’s 90 per cent.

Where are the interesting articles about fluorescent, HID and other technologies? They have a long life ahead of them and can be improved even further.

Also, there is a danger that we focus too much on the light source, and not enough about how you use it and when you use it.

Yours faithfully,
Fadhil Habib
New London Road Centre

Supporting standards

This year’s Light + Building focused on innovative, energy-efficient technologies and solutions.

Cheaper energy is not the solution

Dear Editor,

In December Chris Huhne, the energy and climate change secretary, set out a number of proposals for providing ‘lower-carbon electricity at lower cost than under present policies’. No one in their right mind would argue for higher-carbon forms of energy, but is he right to focus on lowering the cost?