A simple way to slash 60 per cent from your energy bills in a car park? Swap out all the lamps. Mark Burgess reports

Manchester Airport, the UK’s fourth busiest airport, is set to save £80,000 a year in electricity at two of its car parks thanks to a simple retrofit of its lamps. MHA Lighting replaced 2,000 80W sources across car parks two and three with 30 and 40W LED units in a move that will halve carbon emissions and cut energy bills by an estimated 60 per cent.

MHA lamps have a patented optical system that increases the horizontal distribution of the light. The ‘rod-lite’ technology incorporates plastic rods that control the output, reducing the number of LEDs required. ‘This means that we can use high power LEDs, draw less current and have no need to diffuse the output,’ says MHA chief Tom Harrison. ‘Our solution also means we can distribute light consistently, just like traditional fluorescents and halogens.’

The car park before the upgrade

The car park before the upgrade

Jonathan Beswick, Manchester Airport project technician, says: ‘The end product has exceeded our expectations.’

Harrison adds: ‘The LED lighting contract for Manchester Airport is a major boost. Time was a big factor in this project and from initial meeting to delivery took less than six weeks.’

The replacement lighting formed part of Manchester Airport’s wider environmental strategy.

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