A lamp retrofit with LED lamps has brought new drama and energy efficiency to Marni’s concession in Harvey Nichols, London. Mark Burgess reports

Architecture and design practice Sybarite has worked with Italian fashion house Marni over the past decade to create interior identities for the company’s stores worldwide. As part of Marni’s design philosophy, each of its retail outlets is unique. The company adapts its design concept to reflect the style of each location and introduces a different colour theme and feel to each installation.

As a result, Marni’s Sybarite-designed flagship Sloane Street store differs dramatically in feel from the warmer, more earthy design concept of Marni’s Harvey Nichols interior.

The retrofit is a straight swop of 70W PAR30 lamps for 15W LED versions

The retrofit is a straight swap of 70W PAR30 lamps for 15W LED

‘Having been created in 2008, the original interior and lighting concept we developed with Marni at Harvey Nichols contrasted shade and light while bringing warmth and intimacy,’ says Sybarite director Torquil McIntosh. ‘The colour rendering of the lights was of particular importance, as it ensured that the store’s warm, grey, lacquered walls, wood floors and leather seating were as inviting as possible and the clothing looked at its best when tried on by potential purchasers.”

Originally installed with 70W Par30 lamps, the lighting needed refreshing to reduce heat output and improve energy efficiencies. Not only did the new light sources have to work with existing light

fittings, but they needed to recreate the warmth of the original lighting solution, whilst meeting Harvey Nichols restrictions on the total amount of power used within the space. Sybarite than set about selecting the right lamp that would tick all the boxes.

The lamps were tested in a mock-up to check colour rendering

The lamps were tested in a mock-up to check colour rendering

Sybarite had concerns about colour consistency, colour temperature and energy consumption , so it asked lamp manufacturer Megaman to set up a mock-up of the new generation of light sources in the store.

Lux levels were measured and calculations on overall energy consumption were developed, so that Sybarite and the Marni team could be reassured that the required light levels were being obtained. Following a positive response from staff and customers alike to the light source, 60 15W Megaman LED PAR30 lamps were fitted into the existing luminaires throughout the store, with only slight modifications required.

‘Not only is the end result welcoming and flattering, but on a practical note, less heat production has meant a reduction in the store’s air-conditioning consumption,’ says McIntosh.


LED PAR 30 spec in full

Rating: 230V
Power: 15W
Base: E27
Lifetime: 30,000 hours
Luminous intensity: 3,200 candelas
Beam angle: 24 degrees
Colour temperature: 2800 and 4000K
Colour rendering index: 85 for 2800K and 92 for 4000K
Lumen maintenance at 30,000 hours: 90 per cent
Power Factor: >0.7
Diameter: 96mm
Length: 102 mm
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