Getting the message across

The exhibition, conference and awards ceremony that is LuxLive is an opportunity to communicate the benefits of good lighting inside and outside the industry

I always think this industry has a great story to tell – backed up by great products and services. The beauty of the story is that lighting is flexible and can generate benefits for the clients in virtually any scenario.

For example, some of the benefits of good lighting include:

  • Energy saving. Reduce your operating costs and at same time enhancing your environmental balance sheet.
  • Higher productivity. A good working environment results in happier and more productive staff.
  • Increased sales. Attractively lit goods in retail premises will boost sales.
  • Safety. Lighting for safe environments means fewer accidents and less crime.
  • Longer use of facilities. Sport and amenity lighting means facilities are available for longer.
  • Effect and drama. Good lighting supports tourism and major events can be promoted effectively.

As individual, competing companies in the lighting industry, we each do our bit towards getting this fantastic story across to our clients and to the market generally. But is there more we can do at industry level to maximise the opportunity for the benefit

of everybody? At the Lighting Industry Federation (LIF), we are working to improve awareness of the benefits of lighting and the value of investing to keep your lighting up to date and cost/energy effective.

Recent initiatives include:

  • Our partnership with Lux. The magazine has an objective to help improve communications inside the lighting market and with the industry’s client and customer base.
  • Educational opportunities. Over the past two years we have provided a number of free seminar programmes, either at exhibitions such as Arc and euroLED or on a regional roadshow basis.

The next major initiative being organised by Lux and LIF is the LuxLive exhibition and seminar in November at Earls Court.

This is a major investment in a new UK-based exhibition/seminar event and the organisers are committed to attracting large numbers of users and specifiers to visit on 9 and 10 November.

What will be on offer is a showcase by many manufacturers of their latest cutting edge products and services in tandem with an extensive range of seminars that will be communicating the industry’s positive message about the benefits of good lighting – or as I said at the start of this article, ‘getting the message across’.

The whole event will be topped off with a celebration of good lighting and recognition of excellence in all aspects of lighting through the Lux and EcoLight Awards, which will be presented at a gala dinner on the evening of 9 November.

You will have seen more detailed coverage of how this major event is developing elsewhere in this and previous issues, so I won’t repeat that other than to say that initial signs are encouraging. The event is clearly striking a chord with people, based on the number of companies that have already booked space at the exhibition and the number of people who have expressed an interest in becoming involved in the educational elements of the event.

So I hope you will consider getting involved in LuxLive in one way or another.You will contribute to, and benefit from, improved communication of the benefits of good lighting to the market as a whole.

If, like me, you think we have a great story to tell and have ideas about how we can do that more effectively at industry level, then please let the LIF know. We would be delighted to follow them up with you.

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