Luxury brand Mulberry is set to achieve a Breeam ‘Excellent’ rating for its New Bond Street store – a feat unheard of on the high street. By Mark Burgess

When fashion retailer Mulberry relocated its flagship boutique to 50 New Bond Street, it was determined to cut energy use – for lighting and for the store in general.

The interior design was the work of Universal Design Studio, with DPA Lighting working on the lighting. It is reminiscent of a modern art gallery, and includes a number of flexible, freestanding oak ‘follies’ and a dry stone wall that runs the length of the store.

More than artistic statements

These features are more than just artistic statements – they help minimise the environmental impact of the store. For example, the dry stone wall retains heat in winter and aids the store’s cooling in the warmer months. As a result, the store is expected to receive a Breeam rating of ‘Excellent’, a rare achievement for a retail space.

Sheets of light

LED Light Sheet from Applec was specified for the project. It has a low energy consumption and should last over 50,000 hours thanks to efficient thermal management that also ensure the luminaires run cool to the touch. The fittings do not put any extra strain on Mulberry’s air conditioning systems.

Equally important in a retail environment, the cool running sheet ensures it can be positioned close to products without harming them.

The LED sheet is discreetly built into the exposed oak shelves

The LED sheet is discreetly built into the exposed oak shelves

At Mulberry, the unit was fitted to the underside of shelves in two of the oak follies, casting light down onto the displayed products. The LED sheet is slim enough to be discreetly built into the exposed oak shelves.

Jorg Seemann, lighting designer at DPA says: ‘By diffusing the LED Sheets, their appearance in the follies resembles the daylight-simulating light boxes in the ceiling. In this sense, the follies work as rooms within rooms, giving the products displayed inside a higher presence as though presented on a stage within a stage.’

Different positions

The Mulberry store’s display areas, including the oak follies, have been designed to be moveable to continually redefine the space. The LED panels used in two of the follies can be placed in different positions, depending on the orientation of the modular display units.

Since the 50 New Bond Street boutique opened, LED Light Sheet has been used in a second Mulberry store.


LED Light Sheet

LED Light Sheet is an 8mm-thick backlighting unit made by Applelec. It is suitable for internal and external lighting and can be fashioned into bespoke sizes and shapes. Also, it can be integrated into display and exhibition systems, signage, architectural and design features.
The product is available with warm white, cool white or RGB LEDs with dimmable controllers.


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