Philips Lighting chief Rudy Provoost has quit the company for a top job at wholesale giant Rexel, despite having what he always referred to as ‘the best job in lighting’.

Provoost joins the board of Rexel, which sells £11 billion-worth of electrical equipment a year. He is set to become chairman next year.

Thanks to numerous acquisitions and a migration to solid state technology, Philips Lighting has become one of the most dynamic divisions in the organisation, and the chief executive role one of the most coveted. The company says it will announce a replacement in due course.

‘I thank Rudy for his considerable contributions to Philips and I regret to see him go,’ Philips CEO Frans van Houten told the press. ‘In his three years as CEO of Lighting, Philips has strengthened its leadership position in lighting and I wish him all the best in his new role.’

In a statement, Provoost said: ‘After more than a decade with Philips, I am ready to take on a new challenge. As the global lighting industry is going through a major transformation towards energy-efficient LED lighting and an increased focus on complete lighting solutions, I am confident that Philips Lighting is well positioned and will remain a driving force in the lighting industry.’

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