Philips Lighting announces the newly developed Xitanium Programmable LED driver for all outdoor LED lighting applications. This driver offers a unique level of flexibility, with a large number of features which can be customized for an optimal solution in each and every luminaire design. The highly reliable technology will set new global standards for outdoor LED lighting solutions.

For luminaire manufacturers, the Xitanium Programmable LED driver offers full design flexibility, quicker time-to-market and simplified logistics management. A wide output current range makes the driver future –proof in preparation for LED efficacy upgrades.

For the end users the driver offers ‘Xtreme’ outdoor specifications, ensuring reliability and long life of the luminaire. The 1-10V interface allows for simplified, one-way management, while the Dali protocol makes any installation with the Xitanium Programmable LED driver ready for a fully networked control system, meeting the growing demand for professionalization of municipal services. Even without an external control system, the Constant Light Output feature and the integrated Dynadimmer functionality deliver additional energy savings and CO2 reductions.

The Xitanium Programmable LED driver is available now in 75 and 150W models, with a warranty period of five years.

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