A glimpse into the future of lighting

In his swan song as LIF president, Mike Collett looks back over the past year and ponders how the federation is preparing for the challenges and opportunities of the future

By the time you read this I shall no longer be the LIF president. I handed over to Rune Marki of Osram at the LIF Annual Lunch event on 24 May. Therefore, in my final article in the role of LIF president, I would like to touch on some of LIF’s achievements of during my year in office, some of the challenges and opportunities facing us and some of the initiatives that will carry on.

A focus over the past year has been to continue to increase LIF’s external focus and communication of industry messages on behalf of its members. In this context the LIF has generated a comprehensive range of editorial and promotional materials covering many topics, presented seminars, provided a free regional seminar programme and an awards scheme for energy-efficient lighting arising from refurbishment projects.

A significant development for the LIF in the past year has been the partnership it has developed with Revo Media, the publishers of Lux magazine. We are also working with them to develop the LuxLive exhibition, awards and educational event.

The objective behind this increased emphasis on communication is to raise awareness, in the lighting market as a whole, of the benefits that good lighting brings, the terrific contribution it can make to energy and cost reduction, and the need for customers of the lighting industry to specify and buy good quality, compliant products.

This ensures that the user, whether a business or a consumer, enjoys the benefit of quality products and lighting solutions and does not lose confidence that lighting products perform to their claimed levels.

Improving communications to the market to raise awareness will no doubt continue to be a hot issue for the LIF, as well as other lighting organisations and companies in the market. In this context, I believe that the LuxLive exhibition and seminar event will be influential in helping to get the lighting industry messages across.

The exhibition is already well booked by manufacturers and service suppliers and the seminar and forum aspects of the event are now being put together with the aim of attracting visitors. I hope that many of us will get behind it and create an event that works for all of us in our respective businesses in the industry as well as succeeding in getting key messages across to visitors about the issues mentioned earlier. We will also continue with the awards scheme for energy-efficient lighting arising from refurbs, which will be folded into the LuxLive event under the name of Ecolight.

Another recent development is the announcement that the councils of the LIF and the Lighting Association have agreed to recommend to their respective members that they consider closer co-operation, up to and including merging their operations and assets.

I am convinced that this represents an opportunity for LIF to improve its services to its members and to the market as a whole and that it will position the industry well to deal with the opportunities and challenges of the coming years.

I hope you can see from this article and some of my earlier ones that I do believe strongly in the need for the industry, through its various trade and professional organisations, to communicate strongly and clearly to the market about the benefits that lighting can deliver and the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction through good quality, compliant, products that meet the expectations of the customers of our industry.

If you want to improve something you have to participate in its development, I therefore will continue to be actively involved in LIF as past president and council member, on that note I am sure this won’t be the last time you hear from me. But for now I pass the baton to Rune Marki and wish him success as LIF president.

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