War on ‘hero numbers’ as LED spec sheets follow LIF guidelines

The practice of publicising ‘hero numbers’ – a luminaire’s most flattering metrics – while obscuring other key information is to be tackled by industry bodies.

PhotonStar has become the first LED luminaire maker to produce its data in line with a recommended spec sheet style developed by the Lighting Industry Liaison Group (LILG), which includes the LIF.

The company’s new catalogue has been rewritten to show all the data required. The guidelines for LED spec are designed to give lighting specifiers full visibility of full and appropriate performance data for every combination of fitting, light engine, colour temperature and beam angle before dropping the data into Dialux or Relux design software.

PhotonStar CEO Dr James McKenzie said: ‘This is an improvement over starting with hero numbers that then disappoint at the software analysis stage or, even worse, at installation. The idea is that genuine comparisons may be made because all data is presented in accordance with the LILG guide. By offering this wide range of ‘mix and match’ fully tested choices, yet presenting it in our new format, there are several thousand combinations that the designer can quickly select from and rely on.’

Fenella Frost, marketing manager, said: ‘It has been a tremendous challenge to develop a layout that provides so much accurate information and yet makes it quick and easy to navigate.’

Osram sale confirmed

As predicted by Lux magazine, Siemens has confirmed that it will sell Osram later this year in a flotation. The German lamps-to-luminaires giant could raise up to £3 billion from investors.

‘Go green or go bust’

Former energy secretary Chris Huhne has said the UK could slip deeper into recession unless it invests in ‘green’ growth.