Power supply and inverter maker Ecopac Power has announced the relaunch of its website, at

After the relaunch of the website, Ecopac Power has made improvements to

Visitors can now narrow their search criteria by choosing different options such as wattage or voltage, speeding up product searches.

The search function has also been improved with filters on the product and search pages. The company has also streamlined its contact page so there is less for users to fill in. When submitted, the contact form goes to Ecopac’s sales team.

Category icons help users navigate the site more easily, and several more have been added.

Ecopac Power – with Mean Well, Vox Power, Powermate and Motien –supplies more than 4,000 AC-DC power supplies to UK market, from external to open frame, DIN rail to battery chargers as well as DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters.

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