Extra time to enter Lux Awards!

The deadline for your Lux Awards entries has been pushed back to Friday 22 July.

If you haven’t entered already, you’ve been given an extra chance to get yourself in the running to win a Lux Award!

The Lux Awards is a unique opportunity to gain independent recognition for your work – and demonstrate to your peers, clients and potential customers that you are setting the standard in the industry.

Uniquely, the Lux Awards enables the whole lighting industry and its clients can participate.

Organised by Lux magazine and the LIF, it’s designed to celebrate and reward both creativity and sustainability.

Crucially, it will also recognise clients and end-users who have used lighting in exceptional ways to improve their lit environment – and reduce energy.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to select the category in which you think you can shine — and get entering.

We’ve tried to make entering as easy as possible – you simply download a template from the Lux Awards website – – and then fill it in. We’ll also need some pictures and any supporting evidence you’d like to include.

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