Retrofit reproductions

LED lamps continue to mimic the sources they replace

Philips steps up eco specs

The European Fortimo LED DLM module portfolio from Philips has improved energy efficiency, thanks to an LED upgrade.

The Fortimo LED DLM Gen3 family incorporates the LumiLeds Luxeon Rebel ES LED. Philips says the Rebel ES enables a ‘leap forward in energy efficiency’ and has an efficacy up to 20 per cent higher than the Luxeon Rebel used in Fortimo LED DLM Gen2. This enables the DLM 1,100 lumen module to reach an efficacy of up to 100 lumens per watt.

All Gen3 modules will be able to work on existing drivers, but the DLM 2,000-lumen Gen 3 will also work on the latest Xitanium 50W drivers.

Duplicate dimming

Aurora says its range of premium LED retrofit lamps are the first to mimic the warming effect of a dimmed incandescent lamp. The lamps have LED chips and colour temperature adjusted dimming, which warms the light fromthe lamp as it dims from ‘soft tone’ to ‘flame’. Advanced thermal management extends life – which is at least 35,000 hours. 

Aurora launched an 8W 330-lumen successor to its 7W Premium LED lamp, which was recognised in the Top Ten Lighting Designs of 2010 by David Morgan Associates, a London-based international design consultancy.

Products in the range minimise reactive power use because they have a high power factor of 0.86.


Impulsive green replacements

Impulse Suppliers has launched an LED replacement lamp that lets users replace many conventional lamps with a low-energy alternative.

The 6W Luxeled lamp comes with E27, GU10, B22 and E14 lampholders. Impulse says that any conventional lamp in commercial or domestic applications can be replaced with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

With a life in excess of 40,000 hours, the lamp is warm white 3000K with a colour rendering index of 85 and a soft 100-degree light distribution. The lamp has a 410 lumen output.

Best things in small packages

The latest product in the low-power range from Osram Opto Semiconductors is the Duris E3. The company says the small size and wide beam angle of these LEDs make them ideal for applications that demand uniform illumination. 

Potential applications for the Duris E3 include lighting systems in industry, such as open-plan offices, production facilities, conference rooms and warehouses that have previously been equipped with T5 and T8 luminaires.

The 3 x 1.4mm sources can be placed close together for uniform illumination. The next product in the range, the Duris E5, will make its debut later in the summer, with a high luminous flux from a 5.6 x 3mm package.

Don’t get in a twist

Combining low energy with style has never been an easy trick to pull off. But that could change this month as a British design company introduces the ‘world’s first designer compact fluorescent’. Ray Molony reports

CFL/halogen hybrid

GE has unveiled a GLS lookalike that combines CFL with halogen in a bid to address consumer dissatisfaction with the run-up time of CFL. The idea is that the halogen capsule inside the hybrid lamp comes on instantly, allowing it to operate noticeably brighter in less than a half a second.