Musco sues Northampton Cricket Club in £0.3m payment row

Musco Lighting Europe has issued Northampton County Cricket Club with a High Court writ, in a row over an outstanding payment of £300,000

The installation of six 48-metre high floodlights at the cricket ground was completed in May last year, coming to a total of £680,000.

The lighting company claims to still be waiting for almost £300,000 and is seeking the money, plus costs and interest in the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court, for the club’s alleged breach of contract.

The floodlights were installed between February and May 2010. The writ states the first batch of invoices were presented to the club between 7 December 2009 and 13 April 2010, which were all paid.

However between 14 May 2010 and 16 November 2010, further invoices totalling £398,457.78 were sent to the club, and it is alleged that Musco only received £100,000.

The claim stated: ‘Wrongfully, and in breach of contract, the defendant has failed to pay the claimant all or any part of the outstanding sum of £298,457 in respect of work done by the claimant in the performance of the contract (dated November 26, 2009). The defendant accordingly owes the claimant £298,457.

‘The claimant claims interest at the contractual rate of 1.5 per cent per month on that sum from November 17, 2010 to August 1, 2011 amounting to £37,826 and continuing from August 1 to judgement or earlier payment at the daily rate of £147.’

Musco is now claiming £298,457 plus £37,826 in interest accrued between November 2010 and August 2011, and continuing at the rate of £147.18 per day.

Northampton Cricket Club has said: ‘Musco Lighting Europe Limited installed the floodlights in the wrong position, which has resulted in an ongoing dispute between the parties.

‘Alongside our legal representatives, we have been attempting to resolve the dispute with Musco and will continue to do so. We are however disappointed that Musco considered that the only option to resolve this matter was through the courts.’

Cricket club chief, Mart Tagg, said: ‘We have consulted with our legal representatives on this matter at length and we feel that Northants Cricket has suffered both reputational and actual damages by the actions of Musco.

‘In addition we believe that a significant level of damages is due as a consequence of Musco’s action. We are very disappointed that Musco have not accepted our legal representatives offer to discuss this matter around the table, but have instead felt that they needed to proceed to issue legal proceedings against the club.’

A spokesman from Bolton-based Musco Lighting refused to comment.

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