Agent leaves Wever & Ducre

David Shaw quits as agent for the troubled Belgium manufacturer after five years

Shaw sent out a statement explaining his decision. ‘I feel I must inform my clients of the reasons why,’ he said.

He leaves after nearly five years of acting as an agent for the company, in which time Shaw describes himself as being ‘very loyal’. He said: ‘Over the past two years on a number of projects, I have been let down badly – i.e. incorrect materials have been delivered, short delivery quotations have not been carried out in time.

‘At the later stages they were good at taking orders but as regards to sorting problems out, this was just not happening.

‘It left me with a very sad decision to make, but my business and clients come first.’

The parent company of architectural luminaire maker Wever & Ducre is petitioning the Belgian commercial court for protection from its creditors. Shaw said he is unsure what the future holds for the company.

Delighted 2B, which also includes the avant garde fittings maker Dark, wants a six-month period in which to turn the company around and avoid bankruptcy.

Delighted 2B sought what’s called a WCO order under Belgium’s Companies Continuity Act to allow it to keep trading until mid-December.

The group operates in some 60 countries but is believed to have run into difficulties in some markets, especially Spain and Italy. No-one at main shareholder KBC Private Equity was available for comment today.

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