Courts to decide on Wever and Ducre’s future

A new owner for troubled architectural luminaire maker Wever & Ducre will be appointed by the Belgian commercial courts later this month, Lux magazine can reveal.

The deal will also include the avant garde fittings maker Dark.

Unions now hope that Wever & Ducre and Dark,  which have been in protective administration for five months, will avoid bankruptcy and continue trading. They began picketing at the company’s factory in Roeselare, Belgium on Monday.

‘Production is still continuing and although our stock is not completely up-to-date, sales are still ongoing,’  Fernand Vermeulen,  commercial director of parent company 2bdelighted, told Lux. ‘The situation is difficult for our customers, but we are trying to find an appropriate solution for them. We hope to announce the launch of the new Wever & Ducré at the beginning of November.’

The 2bdelighted group went into protective administration in June after it couldn’t pay suppliers. Since then distributors have complained of extensive delivery problems and some have resigned the account. The company operates in some 60 countries but is believed to have run into difficulties in some markets, especially Spain and Italy.

GE calls for testing of LED fittings

GE has called for independent testing of LED fittings to verify manufacturers’ claims and prevent a loss of confidence in the technology.

Act now to change Part L ‘absurdity’, says SLL

The Society of Light and Lighting has called for more pressure to be brought to bear on the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), responsible for the Building Regulations, to change the method used for measuring efficiency in Part L. The current regulations allow for the absurdity of a Part L-compliant fitting (55lm/W) to be left on in unoccupied spaces.