Let me LUMsearch that

Stand aside Google, there’s a new search engine in town

Well, in all honesty the search giant probably doesn’t have anything to worry about. When it comes to luminaires, however, this new kid on the block might be just the thing to clear confusion.

Dial is launching an extensive online database of luminaires, and it will be available to anybody.

The search engine is designed to help professional light planners, architects and interior designers find suitable luminaires for their lighting schemes.

Decorative products can also be found on LUMsearch, so private buyers can research fittings for their homes.

The open beta phase of LUMsearch has been in place for one year, and about three years have been spent on development. Dial chief Dieter Polle, says: ‘Because of the good reputation of DIALux, with more than 480,000 active users worldwide, we expect a large group of users to be interested. This is what makes LUMsearch attractive for luminaire manufacturers.’

Polle is confident the product database will grow rapidly and says: ‘We are offering each luminaire manufacturer a test phase free of charge until 31 July 2012.’ During this time luminaire data can be prepared and entered in LUMsearch without any time pressure. Not until the second year will costs be incurred for using the search engine as a marketing tool.’

The second year costs will only fall on the manufacturer, with the site remaining free of charge to users searching for luminaires.

Dial says: ‘We perceived the need for the market to  nd the appropriate light  tting. With our DIALux software expertise and our knowledge about products all over the world, we decided to develop a solution that will be unique and very powerful.’

Design is paramount
Xitanium LED driver

Philips Lighting announces the newly developed Xitanium Programmable LED driver for all outdoor LED lighting applications. This driver offers a unique level of flexibility, with a large number of features which can be customized for an optimal solution in each and every luminaire design. The highly reliable technology will set new global standards for outdoor LED lighting solutions.