Small to medium-sized firms miss out on £7.7bn of savings

Energy inefficiency could be costing small businesses as much as £7.7 billion a year, according to new data released by E.ON

The data suggests nearly four million of the UK’s 4.8 million small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are potentially missing out on savings of up to £2,000 a year each by not implementing energy -efficiency measures such as lighting timers and energy monitors.

The results of a survey of about 1,000 UK SMEs found 86 per cent did not have lighting timers or motion sensors in their workplace, and 81 per cent were without energy monitors.

The least energy-savvy SMEs were found to be in the financial services sector, where 97 per cent said they were unaware of the savings that could be achieved.

‘Worryingly, four out of five small businesses are not aware of the signficant financial savings that can be made by becoming more energy-efficient in the workplace,’ said Iain Walker, head of business sales at E.ON.

‘Introducing small changes in your business behaviour, like installing energy-saving equipment, light sensors and smart meters, can have a signficant financial impact.’

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