Unions picket troubled luminaire maker Wever & Ducre

Employees of troubled architectural luminaire maker Wever & Ducre began picketing the factory in Roeselare, Belgium today.

The union says it fears a sale of the company, which is currently in protective administration.

The parent company, Delighted 2B, successfully petitioned the Belgian commercial court in the summer for protection from its creditors.

The manufacturer, which also includes the avant garde fittings maker Dark, has had a six-month period in which to turn the company around and avoid bankruptcy, but this expires in December.

Distributors have complained of extensive delivery problems with Wever and Ducre luminaires.

The Delighted 2B group operates in some 60 countries but is believed to have run into difficulties in some markets, especially Spain and Italy.

Government defends ‘bureaucratic’ CRC from criticism

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has responded to growing criticism of its Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), releasing more details on how it plans to simplify the scheme and championing its encouragement of more efficient solutions, including lower energy lighting.

Fern-Howard signs license agreement with Rambus

Rambus has signed a license agreement with energy-efficient lighting manufacturer Fern-Howard