The Fortimo LED Line range offers high energy efficiency and low cost and high quality lighting to rival fluorescents

The modules and drivers of the Fortimo LED Line system portfolio have been developed to replace fluorescent in many types of luminaires for general lighting applications, with module efficacies over 115 lumens per watt. The portfolio will feature a variety of length modules, lumen packages, colour temperatures and designs for different ceiling heights – making it a flexible lighting solution for many different indoor applications where high quality, high efficiency general lighting is needed.

The first wave of products to be introduced will be the Fortimo LED Line 3 row system, which offers energy-saving, pure white light, ideal for applications where diffuse lighting on the horizontal plane is required. This range is ideal for incorporating into luminaires for use in general office lighting, where energy efficiency and glare control are of utmost importance.

It will be available in a 1ft (280mm) length with 650 lm and 1100lm in 3000K and 4000K with Ra 80. Existing Xitanium 75w drivers and new Xitanium 36W and 17W drivers will accompany the range in a choice of non isolated and isolated versions. The Fortimo LED Line 3 row system will be available from December 2011.

The second wave of the portfolio, the Fortimo LED Line 1 row system, will have a greater lumen output, making it suitable for higher ceilings, such as in industrial spaces, supermarkets or indirect lighting. There will be 1ft (280mm) length modules and 2ft (565mm) versions. It will also be available with a choice of Xitanium drivers.

This range will be sampled approximately November 2011 and commercially available from January 2012 onwards. The systems are also part of the Fortimo future proof promise – meaning that when LED energy efficiency upgrades are available the lumen output, color temperature and dimensions remain the same, so there is no need to alter the fixture.

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