GE to illuminate Tower Bridge with LED technology

GE has been given go ahead to install energy efficient LEDs and cabling system to illuminate the 800-foot bridge with UK partner EDF Energy

The scheme to illuminate the bridge will use LED lighting, replacing a 25 year old legacy system and help cut the amount of energy required to light the landmark by 40 per cent.

GE and EDF are sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics.

The system is designed to enhance the architectural features of the 117-year old bridge. GE will be installing multicoloured LEDs with variable intensity to illuminate the bridge and it’s towers.

Kinga Kalocsai of GE said: ‘The light will reveal the tonalities in harmony with the architecture of the structure.’

The bridge is just one of 75 GE projects connected to the 2012 games. GE will also provide a large number of charging stations for a fleet of Olympic electric vehicles.

The bridge lighting will be installed by the French firm Citelum, which has designed for landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

GE lighting designer Mark Mattimoe said: ‘It’s an Iconic landmark that is finally about to get the lighting it deserves to highlight the features of the bridge, whilst making approximately 40 per cent energy saving on the current lighting installation.

‘The bridges features will be highlighted and accentuated with GE Contour LED with additional Cove LED for the Windows and LED Floodlights to the tops of the towers, enabling the viewing of the bridges features at night-time for the first time.’

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