LuxAwards winners 2011

On 9 November Lux magazine held our inaugural LuxAwards, where companies and individuals competed in 15 different categories

Categories were supported by the industry and trophies were made from recycled light bulbs (and some beer bottles too), becoming part of a hugely successful event held at Chelsea Football Club. See the results below.

Lux Awards

Lighting Design Practice of the Year
The consultancy which has exhibited the highest standards of innovation


An integral part of BDP, BDP Lighting has closely linked teams based in London and Manchester working across all sectors. Current projects range from large scale shopping centres in China to schools and churches within the UK. The team consists of artists, product designers, engineers, theatre designers and architects, while its concept of Guerrilla Lighting raises awareness of the power of good lighting.

Guerilla Lighting, Manchester
The Point
PwC at MoreLondon


Celebrating its tenth year, Arup offers a comprehensive lighting design service, from initial strategic advice and concept development through to construction documents and on-site support. The company says that its approach operates at the cross roads of art, science and technology, combining conceptual design thinking and technical expertise. Arup believes in a holistic vision married with the ever-emerging range of technical possibilities for sustainability.

New Acropolis Museum
Stonecutters Bridge
Songdo North Canal Housing
The Yas Hotel

An independent lighting design consultancy with over 25 year’s international experience, DALD’s extensive and diverse background of working with light has allowed the company to adopt a creative and sensitive approach. With its origins in theatre, corporate presentation and television, DALD draws on this base in revealing form, texture and colour and enabling spaces to be used functionally. Creative director David Atkinson’s projects include heritage sites, interactive museums, retail, hotels and contemporary architectural projects. DALD was recognised by the judges for its “consistent, outstanding work”.

Sky Backstage & Sky Gallery
Natural History Museum
Low Carbon Building Entrance

Architectural Lighting Project of the Year
The most creative and innovative architectural lighting design

SHORTLISTED Albertinum, Dresden, Germany
Lighting this atrium required different lighting atmospheres that match the varying daylight situations during opening hours as well as evening events. The false ‘luminous’ ceiling is lit from below with other direct lighting components mounted along two sides of the façade.

Lighting design: Lichtvision Design & Engineering
Architect: Staab Architekten

SHORTLISTED Coworth Park Spa

This subterranean, eco-luxury spa forms part of Coworth Park; buried within the natural contours of the landscape. An indirect lighting solution uses the soft colours and natural fabrics to reflect subdued lighting to all areas, with environmental and architectural priorities well balanced.

Lighting design: Light and Design Associate
Architect: Purcell Miller Triton
Interior designer: Fox Linton
Equipment: iGuzzini, KKDC, UFO


The main challenge here was to deliver PwC’s functionality and sustainability targets, while creating the variety of atmospheres and aesthetic treatments required. London’s first BREEAM Outstanding building, the design consumes just 7W/sq m and 35% of the fittings are LEDs.

Lighting design by BDP
Shell and core lighting design: Speirs & Major
Equipment: Atrium, Bloom, DAL, Future Designs, Prolojik, XAL, Xicato

HIGHLY COMMENDED SMA Solar Academy, Niestetal, Germany

The vision for innovative training facility Solar Academy was to create a motivating atmosphere not compromised by using a minimal amount of energy. Building-integrated photovoltaic modules on the roof and in the glass façade are the main architectural design element, used both inside and outside.

Lighting design: Lichtvision Design & Engineering
Architect: HHS Planer + Architekten

WINNER Sky Backstage and Sky Gallery, The O2, London
The three-storey Sky Gallery, located at the entrance of the O2 gives Sky customers an exclusive route into the arena on event days. Lighting for the 3D environment needed to be warm, engaging and impactful plus a low carbon footprint, which has been achieved using a mix of LEDs and fluorescent lighting. The judges called the result: “The most sophisticated use of colour in lighting, extraordinary attention to detail and seamless integration of light and architecture.”

Lighting design: David Atkinson
Branding design: RPM
Equipment: AC Special Projects, Chroma-Q Flos, Forma Lighting, GLP, James Thomas, Osram, Reggiani, Robe, Traxon

Client of the Year
The industry’s most outstanding end user who has embraced innovation in lighting

SHORTLISTED Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport has seen, tried and tested a whole raft of low energy products and is embracing innovative technology. It has set up a small dedicated team to develop and deliver a practical strategy to replace the existing lighting with LED solutions within significant areas of Manchester Airport and, said the judges, is “An organisation on a mission when it comes to low-energy lighting.”

Client: Manchester Airport
Lighting consultant: DC Emergency Systems


‘Model clients’ with a ‘long-term view’, is how judges described the BBC, which is working to reduce energy consumption per employee by 20 per cent over five years. Arup was commissioned to establish the feasibility of low energy lighting for TV studios and demonstrated the potential to halve carbon emissions from studio lighting and cut production lighting energy costs by 30-50 per cent. ‘They ‘get’ lighting’, said the judges.

Client: British Broadcasting Corporation
Lighting consultant: Arup

WINNER Land Securities

Land Securities has a CSR policy that for lighting means an energetic commitment to continually improve sustainability targets. Its approach is to focus on whole-life costing rather than initial capital expenditure and the company is open-minded to the advice offered by its consultants, which has allowed BDP to propose and implement a range of innovative lighting schemes. Land Securities has proved collaborative in its approach, whether lighting projects are initiated to reduce energy or to create safe and secure environments.

Client: Land Securities
Lighting consultant: BDP

Exporter of the Year
The UK manufacturer who has achieved exceptional success in overseas markets in 2011

HIGHLY COMMENDED Projection Lighting

Projection Lighting achieved exports of €1.7 million in the year 30 31 July 2011 and has set sales targets for the 2011-2012 financial year of £4-5 million. The majority of sales are through a distributor network of lighting specialists selected to cover specific global sales regions and the company has received over 450 separate orders for projects in the past year, from locations as diverse as Oman, Moscow and the USA.

HIGHLY COMMENDED Harvard Engineering

Currently the company’s export turnover represents 23 per cent of total annual turnover, with export sales growing by 66 per cent, up from £2.4 million to £4 million. Harvard has set up new sales teams in France, Italy and Spain and it will soon have an operation in Germany. Businesses in Australia and the USA are in the final stages of set-up, enabling the company to grow from 120 to 200 employees in around 18 months.


ACDC has continued to open up and develop markets worldwide. Distributors cover Europe, the USA, Australia, the Far East, Middle East and India. In a tough world market, ACDC has grown significantly – largely through continued development of international markets. It shipped products to 52 countries in 2010 while pro-actively expanding its global distribution network, resulting in establishing distribution channels in 44 different countries.

In 2008 turnover was 60 per cent UK and 40 per cent export in comparison to 2010 when the UK was 40 per cent and export was 60 per cent, as ACDC’s export sales team doubled in size, with a Middle East office in Dubai the latest move.

Lux Rising Star Award
The special award recognises the emerging talent of an individual

SHORTLISTED Christopher Knowlton, CKLD

His company describes him as a ‘motivated individual with an undeniable willingness to succeed’ and Christopher has constantly learned and adapted to enable him to develop both personally and professionally. A clear communicator, his abilities include proficiency with a range of software packages, a BA in Lighting Design and MSc in Light and Lighting, while his employer calls him ‘creative and pragmatic’.


One of the most popular members of the team at BDP Manchester, Luke joined as an assistant lighting designer in 2007 and was promoted to lighting designer in June 2009, making him one of the few to be advanced company-wide that year. BDP picks out his outstanding modelling skills and his passion to apply the inspiration from light artists such as Chris Levine and James Turrell, translating them into his own work.

WINNER Ben Stephens, Light + Design Associates
Ben joined Light + Design as a junior lighting designer in 2007 and has sought continually to improve his knowledge both technically with products but also creatively through influences as diverse as sculpture, film and music. Undercurrents of these inform his thinking and started to manifest themselves through his concept work and research. His role has developed to include site survey visits, lighting trials and accompanied attendance at design workshop and cost control meetings and he has gradually become involved in all stages of projects. The judges said simply that Ben is ‘a very capable young man..

Luminaire of the Year, Interior
2011’s most ground breaking interior light fitting

HIGHLY COMMENDED DuroSite Series by Dialight

Designed for industrial and commercial users looking to reduce energy use and carbon emissions, a 150W Dialight Durosite Series LED can replace a 400W HID fitting, saving around 65% in energy consumption or more when used with proximity sensors and dimming. The judges called it a “unique industrial product” and said that it “brings the benefits of LEDs to industrial applications”, adding that it ‘beats 400W HID in this class’.

Light source: 150W LED
Features: Low energy HID alternative, low maintenance, CRI 70+, Instant-on
Performance: Energy savings of 65 per cent or more

HIGHLY COMMENDED Lingo by Gamma Illumination

The high output, high efficiency Lingo LED spotlight range was lauded by the judges for its ‘clean design, perfect for retail’, which incorporates Xicato and Philips SLM LED modules. Available in black and white, the compact die-cast aluminium construction with a cooling fin design also incorporates active thermal management through an F-duct driver, with one- and three-circuit track adapters and a range of lumen output packages and beam angle reflectors.

Light source: 700-2,000 lumen LED
Features: 2,700-4,000K colour temperature, colour rendering 80Ra and 90Ra, 24, 40 and 60 degree reflectors
Performance: Lifetime of 50,000 hours

WINNER Concord Beacon Muse by Havells Sylvania

The Beacon Muse LED uses cutting-edge technology and ancient lens principles to create a fully-adjustable spotlight which the judges described as ‘a lighting designer’s dream’. The all die-cast aluminium design is supplied with a truned single-piece aluminium front helix with engraved beam angles for simple, in an “elegant and simple” solution which the judges determined “makes beam shaping and light intensity simple”. The optic system provides a wide flood 65-degree beam angle which can be adjusted to a 10-degree spot without the need for additional lenses or reflectors.

Light source: 3,000K and 4,000K LED
Features: Adjustable optic system, simple use, beam angles 10-65 degrees
Control: On-board dimmer: 0-100 per cent

Luminaire of the Year, Exterior
The year’s most ground-breaking exterior light fitting


Blade from ACDC is an IP68-rated mega-power, wall grazing linear LED fitting that uses a micro-optic technology to create a compact fitting capable of wall-washing up to 10 metres away. It can be used for interior, exterior and even underwater locations and the judges called it “The sort of luminaire that makes you think of lots of applications.”

Light source: Rebel/XP LED
Features: 700mA input current, Series Driver, 36 LEDs, CRI 90+
Performance: 4,200 lumens


Garda is an innovative LED handrail and balustrade system constructed in grade 316 stainless steel, which can be used as a pathway illuminator or, with emergency option, for safety lighting applications. With a genuine asymmetric distribution, with a purpose-designed micro-reflector, the judges summed it up as an “elegant yet robust product for exterior applications”.

Light source: 1.2W Luxeon Rebel LEDs
Features: 3,000K or 4,000K, 24V to 48V AC or DC, module lenthgs, 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1,200mm
Performance: Up to 80 lumens/W


‘Street furniture as it should be,’ said the judges of these compact, 40x40cm cubes which can be used to define space or orientate exterior locations through indirect illumination. Standing at 46cm, the fitting is unobtrusive and ideal to delineate paths and squares and its heavy die-cast aluminium construction makes it robust and its own sculptural exterior component.

Light source: 35W HIT-CE, Osram HCI-T, Philips CDM-T
Features: Aluminium alloy construction, shielded light output, 26.5kg, IP65
Performance: 3,500-3,600 lumens

WINNER Speedstar by Philips

Philips’ Speedstar luminaire addresses a number of fundamental issues such as conservation goals and sustainability through its energy efficient design and minimal maintenance requirements. It incorporates an easy-to-upgarde Ledgine, which can be connected to lighting regulation systems. Compliant with ‘dark sky’ policies and offering substantial energy savings compared with SON lamps, Speedstar is intended for road and street lighting applications. The judges concluded that Speedstar is “Beautifully constructed” and noted ‘lots of attention to detail’.

Light source: LEDGINE
Features: Low maintenance, low energy, easy maintenance, 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,600K
Performance: 60,000 hours (86% lumen maintenance)

Controls and Light Source of the Year
The outstanding innovation of the year in controls and lamps

COMMENDED Smart White Tungsten light engine by PhotonStar

SmartWhite Tungsten+ is an ultra-efficient, intelligent LED light engine which offers true tungsten colour reproduction, increasing its warmth when dimmed without sacrificing light quality. A tuning range between 2,400K and 4,000K natural white is possible to provide a wide colour temperature palette. The microprocessor monitors the luminaire/light engine over 100 times a second for light output accuracy.

Features: ColourLoc, CRILoc and LumenLoc technology, matches 50W low voltage halogen
Performance: Ra90+, 550 delivered lumens
HIGHLY COMMENDED AN-10 control unit by CP Electronics

HIGHLY COMMENDED Cool LED 50W driver by Harvard Engineering

The judges praised this “feature-rich” ballast and manufacturer Harvard Engineering for ‘setting the standard for LED driver capability at a commercial price’. The Dual Dim 50W LED driver is Harvard’s most advanaced LED product, delivering 50W of power but also the first CooLED driver in the company’s Dual Dim portfolio. The result is a driver suitable for retail, office, outdoor and street lighting applications.

Features: 90% efficiency at full load, 24V-42V, compatible with all major LED modules
Performance: 50W with analogue and DALI dimming

HIGHLY COMMENDED AN-10 control unit, CP Electronics

The AN-10 wireless lighting control system combines fully-featured lighting control with the benefits of wireless technology. As such it makes it easier to include lighting control in new installations and to retrofit new or additional control functionality to existing system. Applications include small and large offices, meeting rooms, corridors and classrooms. The judges concluded it: ‘provides a realistic energy-saving application without major capital investment’.

Features: Exceptional immunity to transient conditions, wireless, scalable
Performance: Suitable for building to area codes

WINNER MasterLED 12W lamp by Philips

The 12W Philips MasterLED is what the company calls a ‘green flagship’ product and the best environmental choice when measured against either its competition or in application. Equally suitable for both homes and businesses such as hotels, replacing high concentrations of 60W bulbs, the MasterLED saves up to 80% of the energy of conventional light sources. Lamp life is estimated at 25,000 hours. The judges were impressed with everything about the lamp and said Philips had “cracked the nut” with this impressive LED lamp. They also praised its “elegant package” and light distribution.

Light source: 12W MasterLED
Features: ‘Green flagship’ Philips product, 25,000 hour life, potential for 80% energy saving

EcoLight Awards 2011

Retrofit Project of the Year
The most outstanding low-energy retrofitted installation

SHORTLISTED Mitchells & Butlers retrofit project

Restaurant chain Mitchell & Butlers is in the process of a lighting refurbishment programme and Liet Corp has re-lamped 150 of its 1,600 locations, with the aim of reducing operational costs.LIET3 and LIET6 units have been used to replace a mix of 35W AR111s, 50W GU10 and MR16 lamps in a mix of recessed and gimbal fittings. A saving of over £5,500 has been achieved at each bar.

Client: Mitchells & Butlers
Lighting supplier: Liet Corp

COMMENDED Excel, London

ExCeL’s central boulevard is almost half a mile long and the new lighting scheme makes use of daylight harvesting and LEDs to create an energy efficient and contemporary looking scheme. In all 194, 150W LED high bay fixtures from Dialight’s DuroSite Series have replaced 400W HPS lamps, with illuminance increased from 100 to 220 lux and a 70 per cent per cent energy reduction. The new fittings also offer a significant maintenance saving.

Client: ExCeL, London
Energy consultancy: Ocip Energy
Contractor: Elite Electrical Services
Luminaires: Dialight

WINNER Bounds Green Light Maintenance Depot, London

Network Rail opted for Holophane’s Prismalume luminaires and HOLOS 2 digital controls for the refurbishment of its light maintenance depot at Bounds Green, London. While the existing scheme was ‘on’ for 24 hours a day, the replacement luminaires are able to respond automatically to changes in demand at local level – allowing the lighting to be optimised around the fact that only a quarter of the track is in use at any one time, saving 38 per cent in energy consumption. Holophane was also able to make adjustments to continue achieving the best visual environment. In summary the judges described it as a ‘thoughtful scheme’.

Client: Network Rail
Lighting design: Holophane Europe
Lighting equipment: Holophane Europe

Commercial Project of the Year
The most outstanding low-energy refurbishment in commercial buildings

COMMENDED Northcliffe House, London

Energy saving and maintenance were the main motivations for this refurbishment but Light + Design Associates wanted to do more than simply replace the existing AR111s. Therefore deep recessed metal halide downlights with various lens attachements have been used to illuminate the stone-clad walls in the entrance, while a linear fluorescent element starting in the reception area creates a soft wash and directs the visitor. LEDs have also been used.

Lighting design: Light + Design Associates
Equipment: Erco, Zumtobel


Meit Associates and Wila designed this LED lighting solution for the 80,000 sq ft Nomura trading facility, which is the first to be lit using LEDs as the only lamp source. Following the linear ceiling grid of chilled beams, the LED solution from Wila creates 470 lux at high uniformity with consumption of circa 12 W/sq m. Low glare has been achieved using a 99 per cent reflective, 96 per cent diffuse reflector.

Lighting design: Meit Associates
Architect: TTSP
Electrical contractor: Bancroft
Luminaires: Wila

WINNER Scotstoun House, Edinburgh

Arup wanted to rejuvenate its exisiting Grade B listed office building in Edinburgh by transforming it into one that is highly sustainable, with a low carbon footprint. Energy savings of 60% have been achieved with a scheme that includes solar tubes within the new flat roof, supplemented by direct/indirect T5 fluroescent luminaires with high definition micro-prismatic diffusers. Lighting control is provided through an integrated BMS via KNX, which regulates the DALI ballast. Uniform illuminance of 400 lux is achieved, using a mix of daylight and artificial light.

Lighting design: Arup
Architect: HAA Architects
Lighting equipment: Siteco, Zumtobel

Industrial Project of the Year
The most outstanding low-energy refurbishment in industrial buildings

SHORTLISTED RSG (Glopac), Coleshill, West Midlands

Environmental packaging solutions company Glopac, part of the Retail Supply Group, wanted a lighting installation that matched its own credentials. Results of investigative work as to the most efficient refurbishment demonstrated that by changing the 400W metal halide lamps to Riegens HB-ECO 4x54W fluorescent fittings could achieve significant energy savings. The fittings are also controlled via occupancy and daylight sensors.

Client: Retail Supply Group
Luminaires: Riegens Lighting

COMMENDED Damart, Keithley, Yorkshire

The ‘Carbon Catcher’ energy saving lighting scheme has been installed at Damart by Leeds-based lighting and electrical contractor RCE Services. The scheme provided Damart with an in-depth lighting survey, which suggested a T5 luminaire solution with controls would achieve significant savings. As part of the refurbishment the fittings were reviewed and repositioned, incorporating CP’s MWS6 ceiling-mounted detectors. Damart should save £8,000 a year, giving a payback of four years.

Client: Damart
Electrical and lighting contractor: RCE Services UK
Lighting controls: CP Electronics

WINNER March Foods, Cambridgeshire

March Foods needed a more efficient solution for its two 3,250 sq m warehouses which used a total; of 84, 540W HPS lamps operating six days per week but which could not be turned off because of the re-strike time. The solution was to replace the high pressure sodium lamps with Dialight’s Durosite Series 150W LED high bays. Working with occupancy sensors, the new lamps have reduced energy consumption by 72 per cent, with previous light levels of 110 lux rising to 221 lux after installation.

Client: March Foods
Luminaires: Dialight
Electrical contractor: Interior Control

Award for Urban Lighting
The most outstanding lighting refurbishment in the public realm

SHORLISTED Tudor Square, Sheffield

Tudor Square’s architectural concept was related to the idea of water rolling downhill towards the Crucible and the lighting design reinforces this idea. Around 250 in-ground LED luminaires have been used to simulate the reflection of stars in water, while the lighting can be controlled for specific areas and for the Square as a whole. Façade lighting solutions are also developed for the surrounding buildings.

Client: Sheffield City Council
Lighting design: dpa
Equipment: ACDC, Anolis, Bega, Cooper Controls, Crescent, iGuzzini, Lumisphere, Meyer, NJO LED, Sill, WE-EF

COMMENDED Olympic Way, Waltham Forest, London

A host borough of the 2012 Olympics, Waltham Forest Council has installed Harvard’s wireless remote street lighting system. LeafNut, together with Urbis luminaires, Evolo and Paseo, across a number of key arteries into and around the main Olympic site. By using the controls to reduce light levels, a £25 per street light annual saving will be made, meaning a £20,000 saving across just five streets.

Client: Waltham Forest local authority
Controls: Harvard LeafNut
Equipment: ALC, Philips, Urbis

WINNER Essex Street steps, London

Identified by the City of Westminster as a priority, Essex Street, situated within a WC2 conservation area, required a lighting solution for a Victorian staircase, frequently used as a route from Temple tube station to the Royal Courts of Justice. The challenge was to light the steps while considering energy, increased lighting levels and safety. DW Windsor’s Garda LED illuminated handrail presented the ideal solution, providing uniformity through its glare-free asymmetric beam. The Garda LED lighting modules are vandal resistant and the judges described it as a project ‘which played to the strengths of LED technology’.

Client: City of Westminister
Project manager: Westminster Transerv
Luminaires: DW Windsor

Recycling Award

For outstanding contribution to the recycling of lamps and luminaires

SHORTLISTED Luminaires, Isle of Man

Before 2004 there was no easy solution for businesses to dispose of lamps on the Isle of Man. Luminaires teamed up with Mercury Recycling to operate a storage and collection service offering a fully-audited procedure to give businesses peace of mind. Since the launch, around 30,000 lamps have been recycled per annum. Luminaires meets with and explains the importance of recycling lamps with Isle of Man companies.

Scheme: Luminaires and Mercury Recyling
Participation: Local businesses, Isle of Man

SHORTLISTED Reverse Vending Company, Surrey

The Reverse Vending Company has launched the first light bulb reverse vending recycling machine, which has been installed at Ikea’s stores in Lakeside and Wembley in London, plus Wednesbury ahead of a national roll-out. The ‘LBM’ is a standalone machine is similar in size to a standard vending machine and automates the collection of all domestic lamps. The machine hosts a raft of features and staff never need to touch the recycled bulbs.

Scheme: Reverse vending
Participation: Reverse Vending Company, Ikea

WINNER The CoBRA Scheme, nationwide

The Community Bulb Recycling Alliance (CoBRA) is a scheme which motivates community violunteers to collect lowe energy lamps in their own area. Approved by the EA, Defra and DfT, this online sign-up system covers all volunteer health and safety requirements and adheres to hazardous waste transportation guidelines. Free to all volunteers in England Wales, 22 councils and 12 volunteer groups signed up in the first four months. Championed by founder Mark Hatwood, judges said of the rapidly expanding scheme that they were impressed by the ‘bottom-up approach’ of the project and said that “it brought out the best in people”.

Scheme: CoBRA
Participation: Local councils and community groups

Environmental Manufacturer of the Year
The lighting manufacturer who has demonstrated exceptional environmental responsibility


UK designer and manufacturer PhotonStar LED Group is dedicated to high levels of environmental responsibility. Guided by three main design philosophies – efficiency and control, aesthetics and design, and sustainability and longevity – the company’s products feature Cool3R advanced passive thermal management. PhotonStar luminaires have been designed to achieve 90% less embodied carbon dioxide, achieved through its sustainable design approach.

Philosophy: Efficiency and control, aesthetics and design, and sustainability and longevity


This year has been a pivotal environmental year for DW Windosr, which set out a set of objectives. These include the installation of a documented environmental management system to comply with ISO14001; the reduction of its weight-to-landfill by 10 tonnes and a 5 per cent increase in recycling; reduction in energy consumption per person per hour of 1 per cent and investment in environmentally-friendly equipment.

Philosophy: Environmental management, waster reduction, sponsorship of local initiatives

WINNER Fagerhult

Fagerhult says that it believes that sustainability is an ongoing concern, and that a truly sustainable way of working is as much a mindset as a series of actions. Fagerhult takes a holistic approach which not only encompasses the luminaires it produces and the processes of manufacture, but also involves promoting knowledge of sustainability, both internally and externally. All of its catalogues are printed on paper from responsible sources approved by the FSC. Within the UK the up-grade of all company cars will now be selected from a pool of electric options. All employees are eligible for free annual membership for the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme. The judges concluded they were: “Very impressed by the Swedish culture of sustainability”.

Philosophy: Methods of production, staff and suppliers, concept and design

Retailer of the Year
The retailer who has exhibited exceptional commitment to minimising lighting energy


Morrisons has shown a commitment to lowering its energy year-on-year, with an ambitious carbon reduction plan to reduce its total operational footprint by 30 per cent by 2020. Lighting and electrical services play a key part and Morrisons has installed LED lighting on shelves at 150 stores, plus LED lighting in chiller cabinets. It is also installing new lighting at its manufacturing and logistics sites.

Nominated by Lumenal
Initiatives: Energy reduction, LED lighting, voltage optimisation


The Eccleshall Road project in Sheffield is Marks and Spencer’s most sustainable Simply Food store and this sustainable ‘learning store’ has been installed in cooperation with Philips Lighting and LAPD. Philips LEDs and Dynalite lighting management controls systems are at the centre of the concept. Part of the retailer’s all-encompassing Plan A project, at Eccleshall Road the retailer also demanded that energy efficiency should not compromise the aesthetics of the store.

Nominated by LAPD and Philips
Initiatives: Part of Plan A, all-LED food store, part of learning stores initiative

WINNER Mulberry

Applelec’s LED Light Sheet has been used at Mulberry’s relocated flagship on London’s New Bond Street. With store design by Universal Design Studio, dpa provided a lighting solution that was mindful of its energy saving criteria. All elements of the store’s design have been calculated to minimise their environmental impact and LED Light Sheet has a life of over 50,000 hours, achieved in part by the thermal management of the embedded LED, which enable the luminaire to run cool to the touch. LED Light Sheet has been employed in a second Mulberry project since and the judges commended it for “breaking the mould for lighting luxury brand”.

Nominated by Applelec
Lighting design: dpa
Initiatives: Store designed to save energy, second project initiated, ‘mould breaking.

GE to buy Lightech

GE Lighting is to buy Lightech, the Israeli control gear maker. The purchase price is believed to be about £16 million.

Philips LED sales growing at 21%

Philips’ sales of LED engines and luminaires are growing at 21 per cent, the latest figures show.