Thorn partners up with Hess AG

Thorn Lighting and Hess AG, a German outdoor lighting company, have agreed to work together

Making the announcement at LuxLive, the agreement means Thorn holds exclusive rights to market the Hess brand in the UK and Ireland.

Paul Coggins, Thorn chief, said the partnership would allow Thorn to widen its reach. He said: ‘We’re reestablishing ourselves in outdoor products and the addition of the Hess portfolio ensures that Thorn is back in the outdoor market.’

Both Coggins and the Hess Group chief, Christoph Hess, were very pleased with the partnership, which is expected to boost the reputation and visibility of both companies.

A statement from Thorn said: ‘The UK Hess team will integrate into the Thorn business, enabling them to contribute their expertise and contracts, whilst the Thorn sales force will also be responsible for Hess, after extensive product training at the Hess HQ in Germany.’

Thorn and Hess have been working together for two years in Germany, where Hess’ subsidiary, Vulkan, markets Thorn’s complete outdoor lighting range.

Also announced by Thorn at LuxLive was the Thorn Energy Solutions service (TES). TES will provide businesses in the industry with the ability to reduce carbon emissions and lower operating costs so that they can focus on operating their business profitably.

Thorn states: ‘Starting with a comprehensive energy audit, the TES team can take full ownership of the energy refurbishment offering innovating design strategies, highlighting the financial incentives, funding opportunities and return on investment calculations.

‘The second stage is for a team of trained TES project managers and installers to deliver the full solution, including the commissioning of integrated control systems, supplying the correct product specification and developing and ongoing maintenance strategy.’

Coggins said: ‘We’re hugely successful at what we do here at Thorn, but for a while now we’ve been a sleeping giant. It’s time to wake up and lead from the front.’

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