Centre manager, Festival Place, Basingstoke

We do our best to ensure the customer has a positive experience
Without a doubt, lighting is such an important part of what we do. Lighting has a positive effect on customers when they visit and has a huge effect on the environment. What we try to do, especially with new technology, is make the shopping experience positive. We consistently try to make sure we can get the best value, so when you’re talking about LED, you’re looking at the payback cost, but also at the consumption savings and the labour savings.

Corridors are not used all the time
We sat down with the consultant and did a programme of areas that we need to address. We put lighting with microwave sensors into the service corridors because they’re not used all the time. Obviously that reduces the consumption levels. We’ve got an ETS system that controls the lighting with solar sensors and timers, but we’re changing that soon.

We’ve installed decorative LED lighting
We’ve replaced all the decorative lighting around the centre with LED. We’ve introduced LED downlights in all the management suites and for all toilets too. We’re in the process of removing and replacing cold cathode with LED. We’ve replaced all the car park  ttings with T5 type adaptors to reduce consumption again.

It’s about getting the right quality
The technology that’s out there is changing so quickly. It’s a false economy to look at the cheaper products. It is about getting the right quality because that’s the right thing for us and it’s beneficial. This is why we work with a consultant. For us it is key to deal with someone who understands our market and is in touch with what’s out there.

We’ve achieved energy savings of 20 per cent
We take part in a thing called upstreaming, whichwe use in shopping centres to benchmark each other. From 2007 up to the end of last year I’d say we’ve achieved roughly 20 per cent energy saving through a number of initiatives. We’re looking at updating our ETS system so we can increase our ef ciency – it’s Lutron that we’regoing to. And we’re looking at other initiatives, such as bringing in more LEDs.

We always try to reduce relamping
We have our own on-site maintenance team and one of the things we always try to do is reduce the amount of lamping that we’re doing, because of the time it takes to change. A lot of it can’t be done during trading hours so you have to do it before or after – that in itself is fairly challenging. That’s why we’ve looked at things that don’t need as much maintenance, plus it’s more cost effective from our side.

Lighting isn’t on if we don’t need it
The centre is heavily glazed so during the summer and some of the day you don’t need the lighting on. We try to make the most of daylight and because of the controls and the solar sensors and the times, lighting isn’t on if we don’t need it – unless it’s decorative of course.

We recycle everything, including end-of life lamps
We looked at the amount of waste we were sending to land lls and decided there had to be an environmentally friendly solution. We’re one of the few shopping centres in the county that has its own materials recycling facility. We separate all the waste and sell it to external companies. All the money generated goes back into the service charge. We do it all ourselves to maximise value to the retailer.

We have won quite a few national awards
We’ve been quite successful and won quite a few national awards. We recycle everything, including lamps and batteries and mobile phones.

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