Efficient lighting ‘could save businesses in the UK £1.4bn’

UK businesses could save £1.4 billion and cut 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year by replacing or refurbishing outdated lighting systems with energy-efficient alternatives, according to research conducted by lighting company Vita Energia

Andrew Hoy, Vita Energia

Over a four-year period the UK lighting specialist conducted in-depth on-site surveys of the industrial lighting at more than 500 companies in the manufacturing and warehousing sector. All companies surveyed employ more than 100 people.

The report looks at how organisations can reduce spending and cut carbon dioxide emissions quickly, with a short payback period. The average return on investment when upgrading outdated lighting systems is just 14.7 months, according to the study.

A quarter of the factories and warehouses surveyed have lighting systems dating back to the 1950s, typically T12 fluorescent lighting.

Vita Energia director Andrew Hoy said: ‘There is such a stock of 1950s and 1960s technology that is pretty inefficient. These companies need to realise they can make potential savings of 50-75 per cent just by upgrading their lighting.’

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