Philips has become the first corporate partner to sign up to the Climate Group’s Clean Revolution campaign, which is pushing for global adoption of LED lighting to help reduce energy consumption by 40 per cent worldwide

The Climate Group is an independent not-for-profit organisation that works with governments and business leaders to encourage low-carbon growth. The ability of LED lighting to slash energy bills and carbon emissions places the technology high on the group’s agenda.

Philips told the press: ‘Currently, lighting accounts for 19 per cent of global electricity production. A full switch to LED lighting could reduce energy consumption for lighting by 40 per cent worldwide. This translates to approximately £108.6 billion in running costs and 670 million tonnes of avoided carbon dioxide emissions per year.’

Participants in the three-year campaign also believe LED lighting provides important social benefits, by increasing concentration and improving road safety – not to mention boosting people’s feelings of wellbeing.

Marc de Jong, professional lighting solutions chief at Philips, said: ‘We have joined the Clean Revolution campaign as we believe it is an excellent avenue to further strengthen the case for LED lighting that can lead to dramatic savings in energy and spur low-carbon growth, while enhancing people’s feeling of security and comfort on streets, in buildings, and at home.’

Climate Group chief Mark Kenber said: ‘We are delighted to have Philips, one of the leading corporations in lighting internationally, as our first corporate partner for The Clean Revolution campaign. Over the next three years we will be working with Philips to highlight the opportunity for governments and corporations in investing in the low-carbon economy with a focus on expanding the use of what is one of the most promising smart technologies, LEDs.’

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