E.on launches lighting consultancy

The UK-based utility provider E.on has launched a consulting service for commercial lighting

The company, which generates electricity and supplies power and gas, will offer advice and installation work replacing dated, inefficient lighting in UK offices with LED alternatives.

E.on is demonstrating potential savings on energy bills with lighting upgrades by installing LED fittings at one of its own offices. A total of 1,692 LED fittings will replace the traditional lighting installation at E.on’s Newstead Court offices.

The commercial lighting team has been set up to develop and implement a total lighting solution for commercial customers. The team begins the process with an assessment of current lighting and a review of how the building should be used.

Then a replacement installation is identified before the team draws up a bespoke implementation programme.

Correct conversions

ICEL, the emergency lighting arm of the Lighting Industry Federation, has warned that standard luminaires converted to emergency use should be tested for compliance with the relevant regulations and standards.

Unions picket troubled luminaire maker Wever & Ducre

Employees of troubled architectural luminaire maker Wever & Ducre began picketing the factory in Roeselare, Belgium today.