Join the revolution!

There’s a revolution going on in lighting. And like all revolutions, it’s getting rid of the old order and bringing in the new.

Solid state lighting such as LEDs is taking over from traditional and familiar technologies such as incandescent, halogen and fluorescent. It’s the biggest revolution in the lighting industry since electricity took over from gas a century ago.

Make no mistake: it’s a profound, fundamental and irreversible change. And it’s happening alongside another big transformation: the need to reduce energy.

Climate change and rising prices is forcing corporations, governments and individuals to cut their carbon footprints. And, as lighting accounts for 19 per cent of global electricity consumption, cutting the power consumed by illumination is moving up the agenda rapidly – all across the world.

All this makes for exciting times for those of us in the lighting industry. But it is setting up big challenges for manufacturers, specifiers and end users.

When do you adopt the new technology? How can you tell the good from the bad? How can you improve the lit environment while reducing energy consumption?

At Lux Review, we intend to answer these and other questions. So welcome to a new magazine for a new era in lighting. A publication that will guide you through this new unfamiliar landscape, steer you away from the pitfalls and traps set for you by the unscrupulous and point out the best that the lighting industry can offer.

We intend to address the knowledge gap that exists between suppliers and customers.

Lux Review will:
● provide an independent, authoritative voice on low energy lighting
● showcase exemplar projects from around the world
● test and assess the latest technology
● share best practice in design and controls
● explain regulatory and legislative developments

Our emphasis will be on low-energy lighting products, projects and techniques. We want to bring the benefits of the latest lamps, luminaires and controls to specifiers and clients with large lighting estates.

Whether you’re in India or Italy, we want you to join in the conversation. Email me at ray.molony@luxreview.com, talk to us on Twitter (@luxreview) or write to us at our London address.

So join the revolution – and together we can use the best technology to minimise energy use and create great spaces.

Ray Molony, Editor, Lux Review

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