Hess and Osram in LED partnership

Osram has agreed a strategic partnership with German street and architectural lighting specialist Hess, under which Hess will use Osram’s LED modules and control gear in its luminaires.

Osram's Klaus-Günter Vennemann, Hess' Christoph Hess and Osram's Wolfgang Andorfer

Hess plans to incorporate Osram’s Streetlight LED modules and Optotronic electronic control gear into three of its existing luminaire series and two new ones, with the new products available ‘very soon’. It will continue to produce its own Levo LED modules too. The companies will also work together on light management systems.

Osram said the deal with Hess would be the first in a series of strategic partnerships with companies operating in various areas.

The two firms say they want to ‘step up the pace of development’ of LED technology for outdoor lighting, and that Hess’ international LED projects will provide a basis for targeting the North American and Japanese markets.

Hess CEO Christoph Hess said the ability to share information with Osram earlier in the product development process would help ensure ‘seamless integration’ of the components into its luminaires. ‘This is increasingly important to being competitive on the market for higher-wattage applications,’ he said.

Klaus-Günter Vennemann, CEO of Osram’s general lighting business unit, said: ‘Partnerships such as that with Hess are beneficial for all parties: the luminaire manufacturer can include more efficient technology earlier, we receive additional application data for our modules and electronic control gears, and the customer profits, because the most efficient LED technology is made available more quickly.’

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