Visions of the future

Last week’s Lighting Fixture Design conference gave us a lot to think about.

We heard about the need to challenge the orthodoxy and rethink how we approach lighting design, the potential and pitfalls that come with LED-based design, the need to overcome the barriers to adoption of new technology, and really understand what customers need rather than just churning out products.

We saw exciting new technologies demonstrated in the areas of OLEDs, optics, power, controls and even a way to use LED lamps as a form of wireless communication.

The conference provided a showcase for some of the great work that’s going on, and offered a few exciting glimpses of the future. But it also highlighted how much work this industry still has to do.

There was concern about a lack of standards, confusion among clients, and the difficulty of telling the wheat from the chaff.

Several of the speakers at the conference tried to imagine what the industry will look like in a few years’ time. We’d be lying if we said we knew. But hopefully the event helped attendees work out how they will contribute to whatever the future turns out to be.

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