Harvard – CLQ Twin Driver

Following the success of the CLQ Twin Driver, Harvard has launched DALI and Analogue 1-10V dimmable variants

The power factor corrected CLQ Twin driver has a fully isolated, SELV output delivering up to 2 x 33W of power. The new DALI version will allow logarithmic dimming from 100 per cent to 10 per cent output current and the ability to turn lights completely off.

The Analogue version will offer 100 per cent to five per cent linear (1-10V) dimming and the ability to turn lights completely off.

Award for Philips LED

Philips has been given an award for its 12W LED bulb, a replacement for the 60 W incandescent bulb which was banned last month.

CFL/halogen hybrid

GE has unveiled a GLS lookalike that combines CFL with halogen in a bid to address consumer dissatisfaction with the run-up time of CFL. The idea is that the halogen capsule inside the hybrid lamp comes on instantly, allowing it to operate noticeably brighter in less than a half a second.