Osram and Samsung bury hatchet and plan joint LED development

Osram and Samsung have settled all LED patent suits between them and are looking at working together to develop new LED products.

Suits have been filed between the two companies in countries including Germany, South Korea and the US. The companies aim to resolve all suits as quickly and efficiently as possible, with a settlement expected to be finalised by the end of the month. They have reached license agreements for their respective LED patent portfolios. They’ve also signed a separate memorandum of understanding to explore the possibilities of jointly developing future LED-based products.

‘We are glad to enter with Samsung in a new area of partnership-based competition. We respect the intellectual property rights of other companies and it is our ongoing policy to reach license agreements with other manufactuers of LED products. Along these lines, we appreciate this out-of-court settlement with Samsung,’ said Wolfgang Dehen, CEO of Osram.

Namseong Cho, executive vice president at Samsung Electronics’ LED business, added: ‘With the patent suits now behind us, we look forward to building a strategic relationship with Osram on a number of different fronts. There is a great deal of respect and also competition between the two companies. We believe the two companies now have an opportunity to significantly contribute to the LED industry and offer better products to our customers.’

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