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Regular features
The following features appear regularly in Lux and we’re always looking for people to contribute.
• News – What lighting users need to know this month, plus industry news
• Letters – Have your say on what we’ve been covering in Lux
• What I believe – Interview with an end user, getting their take on energy-efficient lighting
• Ask the doctor – Dr Gareth Jones is your guide to the technical side of lighting. Let us know if you have a question to put to him
• Viewpoint – Opinion articles from industry figures and commentators
• Named and shamed – We highlight examples where lighting could do better
• Benchtest – We put new lighting products to the test and give our verdict
• Events – Details of upcoming industry exhibitions, conferences, courses and booze-ups

Editorial calendar 2012-13

Here’s the content that we have planned each month for the year ahead. Please get in touch well in advance, ideally five weeks or more before the publication date, if you’d like to contribute to a feature. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.

Oct 2012
LuxLive preview
Lux Awards shortlist

Nov 2012
LuxLive preview
High bay/industrial